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中村高等学校 国際科を卒業し、多くの先輩方がさまざまなフィールドで活躍しています。


2007年卒業生 株式会社 博報堂勤務


Global experiences at Nakamura greatly influenced my future

I graduated from Nakamura High school in 2007 and went back to the US to acquire my bachelor degree in Business in the University of Washington. Belonging to International Course at high school, I studied abroad to US for a year. I didn’t know how to speak English at first but really enjoyed staying there.
Everything was new and exciting for me!
The global experiences have provided me many opportunities including working in Singapore for a year.
Currently I am working in the advertising company Hakuhodo and drive some global marketing projects such as creating TV commercials for Asian countries and planning a big event in Europe.
I believe I gained not only language skill but other valuable experiences at high school and they expanded my view a lot. I sincerely hope many students take advantage of a great opportunity to study abroad at Nakamura.

2006年卒業生 日系自動車部品製造会社勤務







Oさん 平成27年入学


Hi. My name is Sawano, I will start with brief introduction about me. First, I honestly take interest in something easily but it burns out quickly. Second, I love cooperating with people to achieve what I face with. Third, I tend to be afraid of challenging something new but once I become used to it, I will have big confidence and can get through it. These three are my basic character.

So, why did I decide to belong to international course? It actually because of my parents. I’ve never focus on this course since a week ago that I have to actually decide to go to normal course or international course. However my parents always persuaded me into entering international course. I was likely to ignore them but I suddenly realized that there will be no opportunity to have such a luxurious chance like studying abroad and when I considered what I want to do in the future was needed English skill. Also, I was really sure that “It's better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it”. That is why I chose to enter international course which lead me to wonderful way in my life.

I was overseas in Portland America for about a year and attended CCHS (City Christian High School). I was really nervous that going to the place which everything is different from Japan. The thing which was most hard for me was different cultures. Because of it I had had troubles with my host family but because I had this experience, I was able to know other culture more deeply and respect others. When I became used to style of American life, I gradually thought that I want to sparkle by doing something and be accepted from natives by having more chance to come into contact with them as I am Japanese. What I started to change myself was to began cheerleader. It was big challenging for me since I was not able to speak frequent English. I used a lot of gestures to tell what I meant and every time I had a questions, I’ve never skipped to ask them to my coach and teammate. In the end, I could appear on cheer game as one of cheerleader which means my efforts were rewarded. I was so glad. Doing cheerleading, I learned plenty of things that will help me to have positive sight. The importance of not to give up, of continuing what you decide to do, of having confident. I bet that these three will help me to lead good way if I face difficulties in the future. Everything depends on you!! I’m sure that the international course in Nakamura High School will take you to wonderful way in your entire life. I really appreciate to my parents, friends, teachers and every people who help me when I needed help.

At university, I will meet lots of people to know different aspects, challenge many new things by not having affairs. My goal is to continue trying what I do every single day. Never give up! Thank you.

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